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Amazing Slow Downer

Mac Multimedia Amazing Slow Downer Slow down or speed up music without changing the pitch If you're trying to learn how to play a song on your instrument, you'll know that repeating and rerunning certain track segments is essential - in which case you might find Amazing Slow Downer a Godsend. It's a pain to keep using the fast forward View full description. PROS Speeds-up and slows down music without changing the pitch Gives you minute manual control over the pitch.

CONS Limited to a small number of formats.

Zwolnij lub przyspiesz muzykę bez zmiany wysokości dźwięku

Softonic review If you're trying to learn how to play a song on your instrument, you'll know that repeating and rerunning certain track segments is essential - in which case you might find Amazing Slow Downer a Godsend. Change - Apple has fixed a bug in QuickTime 7. Soundflower Allow different applications to access your soundcard. VLC media player Simply the best multi-format media player. Adobe Flash Player Essential web browser plugin for multimedia content.

Paintbrush A simple and basic image editing tool. Download Amazing Slow Downer 3. I've tried the others that previous reviewers have suggested and I always come back to ASD.

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Ironically, the reasons I always come back are the same reasons that some don't like the program: The interface is not especially Mac-like, but it is perfect for ASD. Pretty much everything you need is displayed in an uncluttered, logical fashion in a single window. I find ASD very intuitive and easy to use. There aren't a lot of features like tablature, multiple markers and so on, but for someone who wants to learn tunes by ear it is perfect. Different users have different needs, and ASD probably is not the best choice for some.

It is, however, the best for me.

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The only way to know is to download it and try it out. Like 4. As a cellist, I think this is a terrific program and highly recommend it. I am a long-time Mac user, and find the interface very intuitive and easy to use. You drag a trac from iTunes and then simply change the playback speed by adjusting the slide position. What could be simpler for dissecting a difficult passage?

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Also, Rolf Nilsson of Roni music immediately sent me instructions for migrating my registered copy to my new Mac, the kind of personal service I was pleasantly surprised to get from the head of the company. Like 3. I tried ASD on a friend's computer and I am not amused. Musicians do not waste your time with a person who is a brilliant programmer but so so on as a developper of a users friendly interface.

I am thinking to try and buy Transcribe! That is my two cents. Have a nice day.

slow downer free mac

Greetings from the Netherlands. Of all the programs I've used, the sound quality on ASD is one of the best.

From a user interface standpoint, ASD is nothing short of an attack on everything that is good and decent in the world. The UI is an unmitigated disaster.

I honestly can't imagine how it could be much worse. For this, they have taken quite a bit of criticism over the years, and rightfully so. Someone at Roni must really love it though because they've had the same horrible turd of an interface now for years. The folks at Roni are geniuses in pitch manipulation and complete retards otherwise. Like 7. Indeed, there are now many different apps available that are much easier to operate.

I bought this 3 years ago, but within a year I'd sprung again for Capo, and I'm glad I did but kicking myself for paying for this mess in the first place. I've been using this for years and never found it hard to use. Honestly, you don't spend much time in the interface. You load your track, find the part you want to study and set the speed you ant to play it back at. The interface is not all that horrible; you have your start and end points, the speed, pitch and balance, cue, etc. I've certainly seen worst GUIs!

To me the bottom line is that the app works great, and is not hard to use. I set it and forget about it while I'm working on a musical passage. Still, it's not hard to use at all. I'm impressed by the quality with which ASD is able to manipulate pitch and speed. Like A very cool program, but i don't have enough use for it to buy.