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Latest Video See All Video. Latest Stories. Nov 1, AM By Alaina Yee Black Friday When the deals start, how to get the best prices on tech, and where to shop Ready or not, holiday shopping season begins soon. The case fits my macbook perfectly and After reading a few of the comments on here I wasn't sure whether to purchase this case or not. I went for it and the item arrived quickly. Unfortunately there were a few marks on the case when it arrived, so I contacted the seller.

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They couldn't have been more helpful and sent out a new case right away, which arrived in perfect condition. The case fits my macbook perfectly and keeps it very well protected. I bought the black case and was a little worried that the logo wouldn't be visible, but luckily, the apple still shines through, which I'm glad about.

The black does seem to attract a lot of grease marks and leaves finger prints but the case can be removed so this isn't too much of a problem. The case is easy to clip on and covers the bottom of the macbook, the top, and the sides, so I actually accidentally kicked my brand new macbook air off the bed within half an hour of popping this on thank god I bought it and there wasn't even a mark on the case, let alone the laptop.

The buttons for the keypad are so good and the dust covers are very useful. The screen protector is very difficult to put on without bubbles and still has some sticker residue but honestly, I would now recommend this kit just for the case. The others are bonuses. I bought the red matte silky-smooth. I received it within 2 weeks, and when I opened the packaging, it took forever to unpack because it was literally covered in bubble wrap!

This reassured me that my case is nice and safe and possibly not broken I was scared after reading reviews that other customers wrote about receiving cracked cases. It is a vibrant red, it is matte and soft, so soft that I can cuddle my laptop is that weird?

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The bottom and top portion of the case was individually wrapped, then wrapped together and It came in a package a proper package. A story of how clumsy I am: As soon as I got the case out of its packaging and put it on my naked laptop, I got a bit of honey on it! It left a sticky trail on my case. But it is meant to protect my Only 4 left in stock. It arrived within 18 hours of ordering on Prime.

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Please be aware it is very dark and does not allow your apple logo to show through however. I am a perfectionist with my laptop and phone so will come back in 3 months to update the condition of this case.

Some others have reviewed that the tiny lips that grip the laptop cover, crack over time, so I will keep an eye on that. The bottom cover is a bit tricky to go on.

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It seems like it won't fit as demonstrated in my last photo, but it does The red circle in the pic shows a gap between the laptop and the case and Perfect for Macbook 12" - the laptop is not squished in and has some room on both sides which I approve. Love the colour, softness of the material and the zipper seems sturdy.

The small one fits my charger perfectly. Price is right too. Currently unavailable. I love it! I like that it has a 'rough' feel to the cover and the colour is perfect. See All Buying Options.

I purchased the pink 13" case for my MacBook Air.