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Double click on Disk Utility folder on Utilities folders to run the program. On your left column, identify the hard drive you intent to partition then highlight. The hard drive you are looking for should be right above Macintosh HD. On the right side of the column, there is a row of tabs. Click on the one written "Partition" and a "Volume Scheme" section will appear. The blue area shows the space taken up by your hard drive. The white area shows the free space that can be used for partitioning.

To change the name, size of the drive volume information and format the disk, click on the new box once. Note: Formatting the hard drive is necessary if you want to install a new operating system on the added partition. After adjusting the components of your new partition, click "Apply" on the bottom of the screen. Immediately, a pop-up screen will appear, click on "Partition" dialogue box and wait for the partition to be added.

Quickly Format an External Hard Drive for Mac and Windows PC

It only takes a few minutes for the external hard disk to be partitioned. You can also use the preceding steps to partition the internal hard drive of your computer. Yes, you can partition your hard drive into a couple of logical units you desire. Partitioning your hard disk, you reduce the chances of your vital data being corrupted, thus separate data from operating system. This is how to partition your hard drive using window. Right click on the "Computer" icon and select "Manage".

Click on "Manage" and select "Disk Management" below the "Storage" folder. While on Disk Management, you will see all partitions and disks on your PC. After shrinking the volume of your disk, Unallocated dialogue box in Disk Management screen.

How Time Machine Works

So, right click on the "Unallocated" box and then proceed to click on "New Simple Volume" box. Click on "Next" option on the right corner of the bottom of the screen. Here you are required to enter the amount of size that you want your new partition to contain.

After entering the required size, click on "Next". Ensure that you're the figures your entered does not exceed the total amount of memory available.

How to remove a hard drive partition on your Mac

Assign a path or name to your new partition by selecting from the menu and then click on "Next" button. Assigning a name is important since it allows Windows to navigate and identify the new partition. Finally, select "Perform a quick format" and then click on "Next". Once again, go through the settings you made previously and then click on "Finish" box.

A pop-up window will appear on your screen, asking you to partition your new volume. Click on the "Format" disk first and make sure that you retain the previous settings and then click on "Start" option. You will also receive a warning concerning formatting but go further and select "OK". If you followed the preceding steps correctly, you will notice that the new volume you created has been added to the Disk Management window. Currently, many companies have come up with various data recovery applications to deal with data loss from external hard drives.

However, iSkysoft Data Recovery for Mac or iSkysoft Data Recovery for Windows is one of the best applications and is dominating the market due to its unique features.

How To Create Disk Partition in Mac OS Sierra and Other OS X

This tool helps uses to recover all forms of lost data including photos, audio, documents, videos, and other vital data from external hard drive on Mac. First, run the Data Recovery from Application folder after you have installed. It makes it possible to run two separate operating systems on one device, like Windows and macOS or two versions of macOS like Mojave and Catalina.

Note: If you want to run Windows on your Mac, Apple's Boot Camp assistant will automatically make a partition for you. Here's how to install Windows. It is important to note that partitioning your hard drive also splits up your available hard drive space. Each partition will take up a portion of your usable storage.

So, if you are running low on storage capacity on your hard drive, we don't recommend partitioning. The most important thing to do before making any changes to your hard drive is to back it up. Back it up. Time Machine is the easiest way to back up your data if you don't already have another system in place.

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Second, make sure you have enough free disk space to properly run a secondary operating system. You can switch to the new partition, install the current macOS, and then download and install macOS Catalina from there. Click the Lock in the lower left corner of the window to unlock and make changes. You can also restart your Mac and press the Option Key when you hear the startup chime.

This will take you to the Startup Manager and you can select your drive from there. You will then be asked to install macOS. This will install the latest available macOS onto the partitioned hard drive. Do you have any questions about installing a partition or downloading a new operating system onto a partitioned drive?

Let us know in the comments. If you're having trouble partitioning your hard drive, be sure to check out our forums for help! What would it be like if a dog manned the International Space Station?

How to Partition an External Hard Drive on Mac and Windows

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